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  • The functionality of the rear mounted X63 Stepper Motor is the first technological breakthrough  in Automotive stepper motors in years. It combines a High-Torque (2.0 mNm) multi-pole motor with a homogeneous center shaft illumination. The system is based on a single PCB ...Read More »

  • The new X65 multi-pole motor with the highest torque on the market @ 2.2 mNm is now in production and available with full qualification as of September 2014. In view of the new IC technology, the X65 when run at 3.3V has still an ...Read More »

  • The illuminated shaft version X23 is now in full production. The steel coated shaft offers many advantages (shields stray light) over the competition that still uses a plastic shaft as the pointer interface. Read More »

  • Our X40 dual coaxial shaft motor is the only over/under independent dual shaft motor available on the market. The over/under design of this motor results in less noise, less back lash and equal torque on both shafts. No extra gears to ...Read More »