Company profile

Juken Swiss Technology AG  (JST) started its activity as Microcomponents AG within the Swatch Group during early 1990‘s and set the standard in the automotive instrument cluster motors. The activity became part of the Juken Group in April 2010.

JST‘s is based in Grenchen – Switzerland where all research & development is carried out.  All products are tested in our own approved test facilities. Our production facility is situated in Zhuhai – China since 11 years.

All of our facilities are approved TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

The automotive era of stepper motors started with the series 300 which 14 years and three generations of products later has evolved into today‘s X2x motor family. The activities were further enhanced by the development of new products such as Driver IC’s and Analogue Car Clocks. We have produced and sold over 300 million motors, 35 million driver IC’s and 2 million car clocks.

Our aim is to provide our customer with a state of the art product of the highest quality and standards.